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Art masterpost 2

i know what i did wrong with the last one eheheh so this ones under a read more so i can update it whenever and just like before this is just what i have collected from other people so i own none of these links, please if you want an update ask the orignal posters that are attached to the post

also if they changed their url heres a trick, search their old url on tumblr and most likely their new url will come up in a past question they asked because questions are always updated with current urls and icons

Part one Part two Part three Part four Part five

bethcraig: (photoset included)

Feet are so complicated, much more so than hands, and we don’t even see feet that much unless it’s the summer and people are wearing sandals. I could probably draw like 10 pages on feet so … I hope I covered enough in this tutorial. For those of you who can’t draw feet, enjoy it!



I am currently taking a class called “Visual Communications”, which apparently is the very first foundation class people take when they go to an art school. The purpose of this class is to train you so that you are confident with your lines and won’t need to scribble too much while sketching.

Our first week’s homework is training on hand stability. I’ve heard a lot of artists complain that they have “shaky hands” and so when they ink their drawings, it comes out crap, so I thought I’d share my homework with you guys.

  1. Draw a line about 2 inch long, as straight as you possibly can without a ruler. Go over this line EIGHT times without making the line any thicker. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
  2. Draw a line about half a page long, as straight as you possibly can without a ruler. Go over this line EIGHT times without making the line any thicker. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
  3. Draw a line from one end of the page to the opposite end, as straight as you possibly can without a ruler. Go over this line EIGHT times without making the line any thicker. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Repeat the above exercise, but with an arc, and then with a wave.

We’re supposed to do this every day before we draw as a warm-up. Basically just keep drawing lines, arcs, and waves until you fill up an entire 8.5x11 page. Use felt-tip pens like microns/multiliner/sharpie. Keep doing this for the rest of your drawing life and your inking will get significantly better.



Different Male Bodies.



different types of lips

criminy: (photoset inculded)

Steve Hampton: Figure Drawing: Design and Invention.

Figure Drawing

I took one of his classes back when I went to art school and he’s an incredible professor and instructor. I’d advise people to look through his studies and even buy his book. It’s not necisarilly how to draw correct anatomy but to know it while making it stylized. His class basically teaches the mechanics of the body while using imagination.

Seriously, I recommend anyone to attending one of his online workshops. It’s kind of pricey but much more affordable than what I paid. Then again I had my own benefits.

fyeaharttips: (photoset inculded)

Source: Analytical Figure Drawing SP08- A blog from an ‘08 figure drawing class that offers useful information about the figure.

I only put a couple of images here to preview, click the link to see the rest!

Thanks to the lovely anon who showed me this!



Source: yuumei.deviantart.com (eheheh this is one was just a picture with this as a source)



The head, at various angles, in perspective.




Not an art post, but a tutorial post!

I’m actually not sure how helpful this is, but people on dA have said it’s useful, so hopefully you guys on tumblr will find use for it.

Personally I think this tutorial is better, you should look at it:
Thoughts On Wings

but that might just be me!

The stock image is from here.




Tutorial of the Day

Water Tutorial by *ShadowUmbre



A super quick trick for drawing draped fabric that my art teacher taught me in high school.

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6 Color Scheme Tools

The biggest resource community for colour palettes as well as patterns. Plus points that they spell “colour”correctly my British way.
From Adobe it pretty much works the same way as COLORlovers where you also create your own schemes or edit others accordingly.
This site is a little more interactive and fun with the 3D elements. In addition there are few fun mixing/blending options.
Color Scheme Designer
The Wheel! A great resource for creating schemes as well options for “light-er” or “dark-er” versions.
There are a few picture-to-colours applications but this is my favourite as, in my opinion, its most accurate. In addition to finding you colours from an image you’ve uploaded, it suggests other similar colour schemes from Colourlovers and Kuler. You can also download swatch files which I find useful.
Color Palette Generator (DeGraeve.com)
If you’re lazy or don’t have the image on your computer, this site lets you use URL’s instead.


Confused about suits? Are they hard to draw? What styles are good for what occasions and what body types? What does a suit say about your character? There are so many variables, it can be a lot to take in and nowadays most people don’t know to much about ‘suit rules’. That’s fine…

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komomomichi: (photoset included)

Q: Hey Curry~ can I have some tips on how to improve my art? I have trouble with anatomy, especially limbs. I also have trouble proportions (like eyes). Tips would be greatly appreciated ;A;
A: http://www.posemaniacs.com/ for practicing anatomy guise give it a try! it helped me abit in the past haha good for referencing too looking up tutorials helps also heres a few tip frm me i guess lol;; i always have trouble with the eyes too ;AA; i tend to make them too far away from each other sometimes Orz unfortunately i dont have right to give tips on that cause i still have trouble myself orzorz;;; hope this helps you in some way though! goodluck!!

from curryuku

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Felt like scanning a few pages from my Graphic-Sha book ‘Drawing Yaoi’ (lmao)

There’s actually a couple more clothing references in here like for shoes and gloves if anyone cares to see them (。◕‿◕。)

(i would like to post the pictures in photosets and the like but that would make this post way to long hehe i might just make a part 3 so it doesnt get too long)


"There’s just kind of an understanding about the 10 000 hours you KNOW they must’ve put in to do that in ten minutes. They didn’t always. Every artist starts out with a blank slate."

Don’t Throw Away Your Markers - how to refill and revive dried-out markers. or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9c372QBr0U

10 things ive learned in the 2 years since i graduated from art school

color blender

I have a reference blog now so please stop rebloggin these old messy art ref posts